27 August 2007 - Comic #140

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"PS: That's it, I've finished my book. :)"

Some background info for my trusty readers:

Émile Bravo tries to merge comics and children books. He became well-known for books like Les epatantes aventures de Jules ("Jules' splendid adventures") and Boucle d'or et les sept ours nains ("The Golden Ring and the Seven Dwarf Bears"). One year after Tarrin, in 2008 he released a Spirou one-shot album: Spirou, le journal d'un ingénu ("Spirou, An Ingenuous [Boy]'s Diary").

Yann started off as a comic Artist but soon decided to become a comic scriptwriter instead. Among other things, he worked on Sambre together with Yslaire and on The Adventures of Freddy Lombard together with Yves Chaland.

A teenage ruffian from Brussels who carries a pet rat on his shoulder. He was introduced in Spirou sur le ring ("Spirou in the Ring") in 1948. He is also mentioned in Yann's Aux sources du Z ("The Origins of the Z", 2008) and plays a part in his one-shot special Le groom vert-de-gris (2009).

There's a pretty good article about this evil arch-villain in the English Wikipedia.

The Turbotraction is a car that was introduced to the Spirou universe by Franquin in 1954. The turbine-powered vehicle was offered to Spirou and Fantasio by fictional car manufacturer Turbot. It was inspired by the SOCEMA-Grégoire.

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